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The ports of the country at the end of 8 months: the general decline in cargo handling, but the containers show an increase by 27.8%
11:13 / 06.09.2016

According to operational data of SE «Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority», in January-August 2016 the cargo handling in seaports of Ukraine amounted to 85 million 777 thousand tons, which is 10% lower than 2015.

The cargo handling of export cargo in seaports of Ukraine amounted to 64 million 798 thousand tons (a decline of 2.7% by the year 2015), imported 10 million 619 thousand tons (down 11.6%).

The slump was recorded in almost all ports. In Belgorod-Dniester cargo handling was 66.9% from the same last year, Reni is 76.1%, of Specialized Sea Port «Oktyabrsk» 79,4%, Sea Port «Yuzhny» 82,8%, Illichevsk 91.9 %, Odessa 98%, Kherson 98,9%, Skadovsk 99.7%, Nikolaev 99,8%. The growth showed in cargo handling in the port of Izmail 111,5% and Ust-Danube 183,2%.

Transshipment of transit cargo amounted to 7 million 255 thousand tons (60.7% of the indicators of 2015), internal transport links 3 million 105 thousand tons.

Container handling in seaports for the reporting period rose by 27.8% and amounted to 402 347 thousand TEU.

State port operators within the management structure of the Ministry of Infrastructure was handled 27 million 543 thousand tons (32% of total). Other port operators (mostly private ownership) on all piers were handled 58 million 234 thousand tons (68% of total). Including port operators (mostly private ownership) through the berths of USPA 33 million 917 thousand tons (40% of total volume).