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The dollar exchange rate is rising in currency exchange offices of the city
17:43 / 07.10.2008

In currency exchange offices swift rising of dollar sale is observed in Odessa on October 7th.

If in the morning the exchange rate of dollar sale was from 5.35 UAH to 5.50 UAH in currency exchange offices, in the afternoon a number of banks raised the exchange rate – in some of them it reaches 5.65 UAH and there was even marked the rate of 5.75 UAH for 1 USD.

As the head of Odessa branch of one of the largest Ukrainian banks noted, “the reason of dollar rate leap was panic caused by both Ukrainian politic events and reports about world crisis. At the book market dollar was sold for 5.7 UAH yet in the morning. No wonder that in such situation banks immediately raised the exchange rate on the wave of demand”.

The bank representative didn’t rule out that in the near future the rate of dollar sale will rise up to 6 UAH.