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The vessel with two Ukrainian seamen onboard having drowned near Sweden found
11:29 / 03.08.2009

Swedish coast-guard identified a Norwegian vessel Langeland, having two nationals of Odesa Oblast among the crew-members onboard.

The agency was informed about it today, 3 August at the press-service of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine.

A remotely operated underwater robot supplied with a camera was lowered into the Baltic Sea in the possible area of drowning. One hour later the coast guard officers received a picture showing the name of the vessel — Langeland written on one of the boards. However there were no signs of the six crew-members, the press-service reported.

“The Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine created an expert-group to be sent soon to the place of the accident. The group will participate in the investigation, in particular in defining the state in interest that is to hold the investigation and take the responsibility for its results. They will also adopt the investigation procedure”, — they added at the press-service.

As it was previously reported, M/V Langeland carrying building stones drowned near the Swedish coast of the Baltic Sea. At the moment of the accident there was a nine-point storm. The vessel had six crew-members onboard – four Russian nationals and two Ukrainians from Odesa Oblast.

According to the Maritime Association of Sweden, 1 August, 2009 at 15:55 the rescue operations were stopped. The crew was reported missing.