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Over half a ton of cocaine detained at Odesa Port
18:05 / 05.07.2010

According to the press service of the Odesa Customs, their officers in cooperation with the Security Service of Ukraine have found the largest in Ukrainian history consignment of drugs of 582.35 kg of cocaine at the port of Odesa today.

The drugs were hidden among scrap metal. Metal pipes used in boring machines had special secret hiding places, inside them there were two other pipes – the cocaine was tamped in the space inbetween. This method of transportation presupposed the x-ray wouldn’t be able to detect the empty space inside the pipe.

“The customs officers decided to inspect the containers thoroughly, as, firstly import of scrap metal is not characteristic for Ukraine. Secondly, Bolivia as a consignor is a rsk country for the reason of drug threats, and finally, 152 kg of cocaine was detained at the port of Odesa 30 June. Both consignment were shipped by means of one and the same vessel with identical documents, having similar delivery conditions”, the press service informed.

X-ray scanning of the pipes showed there were no extraneous content, so it was only possible to find the drugs by discharging the vessel and sawing the pipes up.

The price of the confiscated drugs at the black market will approximately make USD 60 million.

Criminal procedure is underway.