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IA “Context-Prichernomorie”
Subscription to information products
Access to the Odessa regional website
On-line access to the general Odessa annotated mass-media digest; mailing of announcements of planned activities for the next week and Context-Prichernomorie news tape.
An absolute source of reliable, prompt and neutral information of the regions. It is a perfect instrument for business, implementation of political projects and leisure planning.
The website of IA "Context-Prichernomorie": www.prichernomorie.com.ua
Regional news tape
Daily summary of news of the political, business and economic life of the region. News of large companies. Gives you an opportunity to follow instantly and react promptly to situational market alterations of the Southern region in different social spheres, business and politics.
Format: electronic, having convenient and quick search and hyperlinks. Delivery: E-mail.
Service provision schedule: 12:30 and 18:00 Monday - Friday. Saturday - 15:00.
General annotated mass-media digest of Odessa and Odessa region
A full-text review of the press (more than 50 city and regional periodicals). Details of the business, political and economic life in the Odessa Region. Events and resonances. Provides quick and convenient work with publications and search of the subject of interest.
Format: electronic. Delivery: E-mail. Service provision schedule: daily until 17:30.
Announcement of activities
Activities of the Odessa Regional State Administration, City Council, press-conferences, PR actions and presentations of large companies, forums, visits, theatre first nights, international exhibitions, anniversaries, memorial dates and holidays.
Providing the possibility of optimal organization of business and cultural life of the company and the staff.
Format: electronic. Delivery: E-mail. Service provision schedule: once a week, with updated supplements if necessary.
Digest of Ukrainian politics
The maximum total daily materials fully reflecting the current political life of Ukraine (events, meetings, conflicts, statements, expert opinions, etc.) based on Internet publications.
Provides an excellent opportunity to know current political environment and be one step ahead of the opposition and rivals.
Format: electronic. Delivery: E-mail. Service provision schedule: daily until 12.00 for the previous day. Monday - Friday..
Thematic analysis of informational resonance: market segments, themes and people
Thematic extracts of resonance materials from printed sources of Odesa and the Oblast (80 city and regional periodicals), with indication of the article and the author, providing instant switch to the full texts of the articles.
For example: The financial-credit, banking spheres, elections in district 136.
Format: electronic. Delivery: E-mail. Service provision schedule: by agreement

Information Services
Holding of press conferences, round tables, briefings
Press center of IA "Context-Prichernomorie" provides services for the organization, implementation and information support of press conferences, briefings, round tables, meetings, presentations, seminars and other public events.
The cost of the full package includes:
  • Providing of equipped conference room (30-35 seats, up to 5 places on the podium);
  • Announcing of the event at the site of IA "Context-Prichernomorie";
  • Recommendations on press release planning;
  • Press announcing to the media;
  • Interaction with the media for the preparation of press event;
  • Media accreditation;
  • Proving of a moderator (if required);
  • Publication of material following the event on the website of IA "Context-Prichernomorie";
  • Online broadcast + video.
Media accompaniment of the clients' interests
This Service pack contains tracking of negative and positive information about the enterprises, a prompt reaction to negative information, placing the information materials on Context-Prichernomorie site.
Publication of information in the News section
The opportunity to introduce to a wider audience events, relevant comments, live information in the News section on the website of IA "Context-Prichernomorie".
Publication of information in the Topical events section
Publication of information of a company, party, person (events, meetings, interviews, statements, conflicts, peer reviews, etc.) in the Topical events section on the website of IA "Context-Prichernomorie".
The opportunity to claim about the events or the prospects for the widest range of readers.
Publication of press releases in the relevant section of the site
The direct opportunity to familiarize the audience with the events and data reflected in your press release, which is placed in the Press Releases section of the website of IA "Context-Prichernomorie", without any corrections or notes. Press releases are available at any time thereafter, and are not removed from this section over time.
Mailing of information
E-mail distribution of information on the basis of the customer's data of Odessa and Odessa region, own correspondents of central mass media and journalists, freelancers.
Format: E-mail.
Banners placement
The flexible pricing system.
Special conditions are provided by public, voluntary, cultural and educational institutions.

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