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Topical Events
Topical Events
Regional subject of the day: Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kherson

Storm alert was announced for the weekend, November 22nd-23rd throughout Ukraine, particularly on the seacoast and in the water area of the Black and Azov sea. // more

The deputies of Odessa regional council approved the new composition of the regional territorial electoral commission. Such decision was made today, on November 17th, at the special session of Odessa regional council. // more

According to the information of the Information department in the course of the National conference of introduction of European week of local democracy held yesterday, on November 11th, in Kiev Odessa city was awarded with the personalized commemorative medal of Europe Council. // more

The chairman of Odessa regional government administration Nikolay Serduk stated that against the background of the general word crisis certain problems may appear in Odessa region approximately in December. // more

The honorary president of the football club Chernomorets Leonid Klimov received resignation of the main coach of the club Vitaly Shevchenko. // more

Odessa city mayor Eduard Gurvits discharged Andrey Terziev from the position of the director of the Department of preparation and holding of the final tournament of Europe Championship 2012 in football in Odessa of Odessa city council. A. Terziev was discharged of his own accord. // more

Starting from December 1st tramway and trolleybus fare will increase to 1 UAH in Odessa. This decision was made on October 28th at the sitting of the executive committee of Odessa city council. // more

On October 28th 2008 the informational and educational seminar on the subject The role of society in the realization of the policy of Euroatlantic integration of Ukraine will take place in Yuzhnoukrainsk state teachers training university by Ushinsky. // more

Elephant Tarun died in Odessa zoo  Oct 20 2008, 14:18

On October 19th Indian elephant Tarun died in Odessa zoo. // more

According to the forecasts of the Central authority of the Ministry of extraordinary situations and liquidation of consequences of Chernobyl catastrophe of Ukraine in Odessa region this week a new rise of the Dniester level is expected on the territory of the region. // more

 // more

In currency exchange offices swift rising of dollar sale is observed in Odessa on October 7th. // more

On October 6th the joint Ukrainian and Romanian tactical exercises of mechanized divisions started in Odessa region on the proving ground of the 28th separate mechanized brigade of the 6th army school of the Land forces.  // more

The sensors of air condition control will be set around the territory of the PC Lukoil-Odessa PR. According to the words of the first vice-president of the PC Lukoil Vladimir Nekrasov such an agreement was achieved on October 2nd with Odessa city mayor Eduard Gurvits. // more

The Chairman of Odessa regional council Nikolay Serduk declared that the Regions Party will initiate the question of discharge of the chairman of Berezovskaya DGA Petr Kovalchuk. The chairman of the regional council stated this on September 30th at the board of Odessa regional government administration. // more

On September 25th the Executive committee of Odessa city council endorsed the increase of rates for water supply and drainage services. The decision about rates increase come into force from November 1st. // more

The heating season in schools, hospitals, kindergartens and other establishments of social sphere of Odessa region is starting tomorrow, on September 25th. Such an order was given by the governor of Odessa region Nikolay Serduk.  // more

More than 11 kg of cocaine was found on September, 14th by the special survey group as a part of frontier guards and representatives of customs during frontier-customs registration by the steam-ship «Amfitrite I» (flag of Panama) which has arrived to Odessa.  // more

At 12:00 a bell has struck 7 times. At 12:20, a church service has begun; mass-media representatives could also take part in it.  // more

Eternally young city with two-centuries history, native land of great writers, artists, musicians, scientists, physicians, public figures and simply good people of different nationalities and religion, a city which has its own incomparable color, own charm and own life position celebrates today its next birthday...  // more

Chairman of the Odessa regional state administration Nikolay Serdyuk has declared that landowners of the Odessa region are compelled to sell grain for 500-550 UAH for ton // more

The President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko will visit the Odessa region with working visit again on August, 12. // more

Harvesting campaign-2008 is completed in the Odessa region as of August, 6th total gathering of early grain and leguminous cultures makes 3 million 400 thousand tons. // more

Alexandr Kifak was named as the Honorable consul of Germany in Odessa city. // more

As of July, 22nd, 3 million tons of grain is collected in the Odessa region, and this is not a limit, as harvesting still proceeds. // more

An overall objective of maneuvers which will be held both in the Odessa and Nikolaev regions and Autonomous republic Crimea, is working off the actions of multinational staffs and forces during planning and carrying out of peace-making operation under NATO standards.  // more

There was information in some mass-media that the project of creation of a deep-water ship course «Danube Black sea» will not be realized in 2008 and that its realization «is under threat of failure». The material is based on the open letter of director of the Limited Liability Company «Ukrmorshlyakh» (which acted as the contractor on construction of a dam) which has submitted claims against SE «Delta-pilot» to economic court. One of the claims concerns compulsions to prolongation of the contract on construction of a dam till December, 31st, 2008. // more

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine has made an official refutation of the information widespread in some mass-media that Yulia Timoshenkos son-in-law Sean Karr has beaten employees of law enforcement bodies in Odessa. // more

The museum of antique settlement will be created in the center of Odessa on the basis of the exhibits found on the Primorsky Boulevard // more

On June, 6th at regional council session, the governor of the Odessa region Nikolay Serdyuk has declared, that Odessa may be excluded from the list of the host-cities of the Europe Football Championship of 2012.  // more

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